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And the Oscar goes to….

We are amazed of the wonderful bloggers that joined our latest GiG spotlight event ‘Movie Awards’!! From makeup to cakes their were all wonderful!! so it wasn’t easy to choose our spotlight winner!! but here it goes…

For an amazing post and for being such a HUGE gig supporter … the oscars goes to the lovely …


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GiG A Little Love Winner Is….

drum roll please…..


Jackaline from M&S And Then Some! We couldn’t help but love how she’s handpicked the little things she’d want to pack for one of our GiG Crew Mari, who was going to New York for her first ever Fashion Week!

What I would pack for " I love green inspiration" blogger Marinella Rauso's NYFW trip
But of course, this was a hard decision especially when we had lovely entries from the awesome GiGers! You can check them all here.
To know more about Jackaline, please visit her blog over
Or her social networks here:
Once again, a big THANK YOU to everyone, who joined, supported and spread the GiG love for this event. Don’t miss out and join the latest fun spotlight series we just launched as well – GiG Movie Awards!
xx Donah at Sweet Jelly Bean
GiG Founder ♥

GiG Movie Awards – Join this fun spotlight!

gig movie
Hi guys!! this week we will be having a super fun Spotlight event! Is called GiG movie awards and the idea is to create a blog post inspired in your favourite movie o any movie you like! The blog post could be from makeup, manicure, baking, outfit, a book review, series review, travel or even the movie itself! With the oscars coming up this makes a super cool and fun tag to do!

This is part of our GiG spotlight series, but just in case you don’t know… The spotlight series is a fun tag that we do every two weeks; one of the GIG Crew will be launching a topic that you can join in and write about on your blog. The GiG crew then will be choosing a ‘spotlight winner’ which will be feature all across the GiG network for a week, is a way to say thank you for joining and give a blogger some love! 😀

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Join “GiG A Little Love..To A Blogger” Event!


Do you have a favourite blogger? A blogger that really stood out for you? Or a blogger you’ve just come across but already made an impression, not only because their blog is awesome, inspirational and worth reading, but they’ve also done the extra mile for their readers?

Then this special event we have for GiG, or for everyone who wants to join, is simply made for them, as a heartfelt thank you.

It’s nice to give a little love, give recognition, a simple mention, to those who truly deserve them. That’s why, this month, lets not make it about us, but them!

Pick one, or two, or more and let them know they are great!

<div align="center"><a href="" title="GIG" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="GIG" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

To join, see details below:

Entries need to be submitted from 6th Feb until 14th Feb.

  • Based on creativity, style in writing and design, you & the blogger will be featured across all GiG’s network.
  • The writer will also get a guest blogging spot here, as well as a chance to moderate for one week to also promote you & your blog to our Facebook group members. Just the crew’s little thank you for you!
  • Follow this blog and tag this blog post in your entry, so we know that you’ve joined.
  • Please Like our Facebook Page here to get latest updates – and tag @gigbloggers on Twitter when you’ve posted your entry.
  • Include the hosts of this event in your post as a special recognition to their work!
  • Last but not the least, grab the badge above and include it in your post. 😉

Now then, let’s gig a little love™ !


Dee from
Donah from
Liss from

(event idea by Dee, improvised & designed by Donah & Liss)

Another GIG Milestone: 400+ Members on 30th Jan! (updated)



We’re so thrilled and excited to invite everyone to join our countdown on another milestone we’re hoping to achieve before we exit January….and that’s reaching 400 members on our Facebook group!

400 copy

8 more members to go and we’ll hit 400! And we can’t thank you enough for supporting us on this journey and spreading the love about GIG!

So join us over on our Facebook group wall, and one of our Co-Founders, Liss from Latino Look will be doing the countdown from 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, …. 400!!! The person that will invite one more member will get her name and blog URL announce on our group as our little ‘Thank you’!

What you waiting for? Invite your blogger friends over, the more, the merrier! And stay tuned for an amazing event we’ll be unfolding in February!

Let the countdown begins! And let’s reach the milestone together!

Happy Blogging! ♥ GIG Crew

GIG Founder

GIG Spotlight Fashion Tag Winner is….

Hello everyone! How’s the first day of the week treating you? I hope you all had or will have a very good start. I’m so happy to announce the winner of GIG Spotlight Series #2: Fashion Tag by Shades of Voguish.

header gotowe-1

Here’s the winning piece and do check it out as we were very impressed with the style of writing yet very straightforward.


Facebook Fan Page:



Thank you very much for those who have joined the Fashion Tag, we really appreciate your participation and amazing entries and we can’t wait to present to you the next GIG Spotlight Series!  Don’t forget to check out the winner’s blog!


By: Donah
from beauty blog

**Moderators of the Week: Liss Cope from & Lisa Shen from

Visit us on Facebook here – GIG

GIG Spotlight Beauty Tag Winner

Spotlight beauty what I want in my bag for 2013

Hey guys I hope you are having a great monday! Announcing our first Spotlight series tag winner Tina cruz from ‘What Tina Loves’

Please visit her amazing post where she shared with us her wish list with her favourite top 5 products for this year!

what tina loves


Blog post: What I want in my bag for 2013

Facebook: WhatTinaLoves


Twitter: WhatTinaLoves

Youtube: thinacruz

Instagram: WhatTinaLoves

Hello Cotton:  WhatTinaLoves

She Said Beauty: WhatTinaLuvs

♥ Congrats hun! ♥ And special thank you for all the great bloggers that participated in our GiG series, please stay tune for our tag number 2! #gigbloggers

#gigbloggers @lisscope

Moderators of the Week: Meet Cinnamon Spring & Pixi Wishes

This week’s moderator is Saran (member of the GIG Crew) from Cinnamon Spring, a DIY, Fashion and Positivity blog.

The blog name encompasses two things: Cinnamon and Spring.

Cinnamon, because the smell of it on freshly baked bread or pastries is just so delicious and reminds me of home. Spring, because of the new adventure it brings with it after the dark and stormy seasons.

This blog is not a personal blog, and I try not to write about any negativity. This world has too many ills and I feel that it is best to be positive, positive, positive! ;) Before you go, I’d like to thank you soso much for dropping by and even popping a comment! I really appreciate it :D

To get to know Saran more — click here.

This week, we will also have one GIG member, who will be moderating alongside Saran, Becky from Pixi Wishes & Forehead Kisses – a bright, creative, lifestyle blogger from Australia, who have a knack for baking, cooking, DIY, and wonderful designs. Check out her blog here. 

Pixi Wishes & Forehead Kisses is my first blog and I am having so much fun writing, designing and managing it. I post about the things I love. Which include; cooking, craft, reading and all things design. Studying and working in a creative industry means I am always on the look out for inspiration and am constantly jotting down ideas and learning new skills…

by: Donah at Sweet Jelly Bean

Beauty Blogger/ GIG Founder

GIG Spotlight #1: Beauty Tag

Be on the spotlight and show us what you and your blog got!

To support our GIG members, get their blogs out there, and showcase their creativity both in writing and design, we’re launching a new concept to do this, called GIG Spotlight, where you have all the glory of being featured across all GIG’s network (Facebook + Twitter) including on this blog (GIG’s Official platform) for a good one week! This will give your blog the time to shine and will give you the chance to actually gain more followers and friends in the process! Want to know more? Read on…

So, the idea is simple:

Once every two weeks, myself and one of the GIG Crew will launch a topic that you can join in and write about on your blog.

The lowdown:

  • Based on creativity, style in writing, and design, you will be chosen as GIG’s featured blogger for the week by myself and the crew.
  • Please Like our Facebook Page here – and tag @gigbloggers on Twitter when you’ve posted your entry.
  • Also include the hosts of the GIG Spotlight series in your blog post — giving recognition is something GIG would like to encourage everyone to do as it makes a big difference! It’s one of blogging’s golden rules.
  • Your blog and the GIG Spotlight entry will be posted here with your blog’s URL and pic (if you like) for one week!
  • Next, your blog URL and/or entry will be pinned over at GIG’s group wall as well as on our Fan Page so everyone can see you! Hence the spotlight idea!

Grab the code below and insert in your entry post.

<div align="center"><a href="" title="GIG"><img src="" alt="GIG" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

GIG Spotlight Topic of the Week: Beauty: What I want in my bag – 2013!

9th Jan 2012 – 13th Jan

*Topic will run from Wednesday until Sunday*

**List your top 5 beauty lust list and present them the way you want them to be!**

♥ The GIG Blogger to be featured will be announced on Monday and will take the glory until Sunday that week.

Remember, you have until Sunday to submit your entry!

Also please make sure to link up to this blog post and copy the banner above on your post so we know that you’ve joined. Don’t forget to follow this blog, obviously! hehe

That’s it! Now go, cook up some ideas, be creative and have fun! We can’t wait to see what you have for us!

By: Donah D.
GIG Founder & Author of Sweet Jelly Bean