GiG A Little Love Winner Is….

drum roll please…..


Jackaline from M&S And Then Some! We couldn’t help but love how she’s handpicked the little things she’d want to pack for one of our GiG Crew Mari, who was going to New York for her first ever Fashion Week!

What I would pack for " I love green inspiration" blogger Marinella Rauso's NYFW trip
But of course, this was a hard decision especially when we had lovely entries from the awesome GiGers! You can check them all here.
To know more about Jackaline, please visit her blog over
Or her social networks here:
Once again, a big THANK YOU to everyone, who joined, supported and spread the GiG love for this event. Don’t miss out and join the latest fun spotlight series we just launched as well – GiG Movie Awards!
xx Donah at Sweet Jelly Bean
GiG Founder ♥

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One thought on “GiG A Little Love Winner Is….

  1. The Charmed Cupcake February 18, 2013 at 3:28 pm Reply

    Congrats Jackaline!!! 🙂

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